Friday, June 17, 2005

I Bought New Pencil Leads..

Korea sat down opposite me. Today she'd opted for jeans. Honestly ladies, if you have any legs at all do not wear loose jeans. Short girls are okay because their squashed bodies' bits stick out more, making baggier denims acceptable in some circumstances, such as shipbuilding, or street sweeping. But tall, leggy girls? Do it right. Wear the jeans tight.

It'd been a slow day. I was playing about, trying to get Korea to go out with me on Saturday. The game was to introduce the phrase 'Sexy Johnty' into the conversation without having seemed to have meant to do so. Leaving messages around, being suggestive in an absolutely indirect way. I really enjoy this game. It's like when you want to encourage a child into something. Sit in the same room as the child, pick the something up, and concentrate on it. Curiosity does the rest.

My next gambit was to gray-shade some paper then use Korea's eraser to reveal the 'magic' message. Reaching for the pencil, I found my graphite to be all used up.

I bought some new pencil leads to get a woman to sleep with me!


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