Friday, June 10, 2005

I Trimmed My Chest Hair..

It's suddenly got very hot. I'm not well disposed to the heat, and rank it above rain among things that upset my concentration. Luckily for me the vest is back in as an acceptable article of fashion. This has afforded men the opportunity to expose their skin to the breeze without appearing to be Australian.

Of course, women have known of the benefits of increased surface area of open skin in hot climates for some time. I remind them of it regularly.

But for man the notion is something new, and a little daunting. The male 'decolette' is not so attractive as the female. Going out of the way to parade the mountain gorilla as a mere knuckle-tread away in evolutionary terms does not allure.

Considering the tastes of Korea, of a culture used to having their men bare-back some equitable organisation of plunge depth and chest hair was in order.

I trimmed my chest hair to get a woman to sleep with me!


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