Saturday, June 04, 2005

I Wore Briefs And Not Boxers..

All todgers are distinctive and unique, as are the attached individuals. This fact is recognised by women, and never admitted by men. Though not often discussed, the role the todger plays within a relationship is delicate and subtle. As when 'sex' as a subject matter raises it's head is an significant turning point between two people, so too, it could be said, is the todger's first head-raising.

I snogged Peru last night while drunk. I didn't get to sleep with her, though my todger sorely anticipated the act, and I'm quite sure todger's intentions were keenly felt.

In any case I'm gambling Peru played ignorant of my lad out of politeness. But to prevent a repeat episode on our next meeting suitable precautions had to be made. Some obstructing article was sorely required to prevent obvious impingement by the lad on a not-drunk conversation.

I temporarily wore briefs and not boxers to get a woman to sleep with me!


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