Monday, July 18, 2005

I Am Alienating My Audience..

Experience has shown I have no grounds to believe I'll get anything right the first time. So I'll be posting here before copying over to my friend's blog.

A couple of days ago he posted a link to an article on the 'slow life' movement. It is a lifestyle for those who think things are too fast. You do wonder what kind of people would join such a club. Perhaps it's full of racing car drivers, or F-16 fighter bomber pilots. In that case it would be more like a support group. Would they use their real names? For security reasons they'd probably be forced to take assumed names like Iceman or Maverick.

I wonder though if my friend has recognised his discrepancy. In posting that link, is he not promoting a way of life that results in his inevitable unemployment, financial and social ruin, and ultimate return to the South American jungles of his ancestors?

Clicking through, I found the answer - a group of people ignoring eachother. Yes, computer users. He must have glimpsed the agreeable image and accidentally parsed in the link, unknowing of it's textual Kontent.

Also, how have all my friend's favorite things some to start with the letter 'i'? iPods, iMacs, his great spiritual leader iYatollah Khomeini, traffic iLands, the list just goes on.

I am alienating my audience to get a woman to sleep with me!


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