Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I Listened Attentively..

Okinawa is a chain of islands belonging to Japan. They extend over 1000 km south west from Kyushu, with a main inhabited land mass laying equidistant between Japan and Taiwan. In historial terms, recognition peaked around mid 1940s with the Okinawan people's generous provision of the Imperial Armies with 200,000 units of cannon fodder. Actually, most of those people commited suicide to escape America. I guess someone has to.

I met Korea for dinner. The two of us ended up at an Okinawan restaurant. There is a single source tape which Okinawan restauranteers have dubbed, shared and copied among themselves so an Okinawan Izakaya in southern Kyushu, and an Okinawan Izakaya in northern Sapporo, play identical Okinawan folk tunes. It's a little like what I imagine hearing hard rock at The Hard Rock Cafe would be like.

As well as folk songs, Okinawa is also famous for it's pristine beaches and variety of wildlife. The restaurant was also doing it's bit for the conservation of sea turtles. One the size of a small English car had been attached to the wall. As far as my eyes could see, this rare specimin was perfectly preserved.

Korea was talking Japanese like all non-native Japanese - fitfully and selfishly. I had trouble keeping up. She was on full steam the whole time yet wasn't up to cracking a single joke. I had to sit through alot of serious stuff about plans and futures - I guess that's what the young people are into nowadays. She wants to psychiatrize children through art. Like speech therapy, but replacing phonetics with poster paints.

Apparently they only teach this kind of course in Germany. Germany you see has lots of frustrated children who are also terrible artists.

I listened attentively to get a woman to sleep with me!


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