Saturday, July 16, 2005

I Resumed Posting On Another Blog..

A friend who runs a moderately benign blog reporting on DJs who mix with cassette tapes, and art so fine you need a tooth pick and Swiss watch maker just to identify it, has invited me to post. Apart from the art and the music, he also takes a passing interest in programming.

He requested some anecdotes about Tokyo. I'm really not sure what to say other than miniskirts are back in fashion. Perhaps I can drone on about my everyday worries like, am I sweating too much, have I run out of pencil leads, or are there enough books of philosophy lying scattered about my person.

This reminds me of a girl I was once infatuated with in primary school. Everything she did I found incredibly stylish. The way she swung a rounders bat, her fine blonde hair gossamer-like in morning assembly, and the perfunctory way she would deal with horny, sexually confused boys attempting to lift her skirt during afternoon break.

I was one of those boys, and with devastating hindsight I now realize that what impelled our activities wasn't the unknown quantity of that which was hidden by the skirt, but rather the skirt itself. If a boy were to have attended school in a skirt, for religious or other reasons, we would no doubt have absorbed ourselves in gaining a quick glimpse at the colour of his underwear.

Anyway, the stylish girl turned out to be wearing lavender undies. Horrified, I lifted no more skirts untill teenager-hood.

I resumed posting on another blog to get a woman to sleep with me!


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My freshman year at college I met this exchange student from India named [url=]free erotic sex stories[/url]. Saji was a great guy and we decided that we would be roommates during our sophomore year. When we became roommates we became the best of friends and I took him back home for a weekend. He stayed in the guest room and we had a great time. And I could tell by the way he looked at my Mom that [url=]free french very young 16 yrs old[/url] wanted her just as much as all my friends always had. But Saji was different. He actually said something. We were drinking in the dorm one night.
Dude, would you get pissed if I told you something? [url=]free galleri teen porn[/url] asked, taking a swig of his beer.
I donÒt think so. Try me. I replied.
Well, I have not been able to stop thinking about your mother. She is such a hottie.
I didnÒt know what to say, so I agreed.
She came to check on me the first night, she was standing in the doorway and I could see right through her nightgown. I felt really bad about thinking of your mother that way, but I couldnÒt help it.
I knew just the nightgown he was talking about. It always drove me crazy too. I tried to make him feel better, and maybe me too a little. If you think you feel bad, think how I feel. IÒm her son!
What? You think your mother is hot too? [url=]free gay anal[/url] was very surprised.
I had told him a little so I didnÒt see what there was to loose by telling him the rest. Dude, IÒve been fantasizing about my mom since I was a kid. How could I not? SheÒs like a goddess. [url=]free gay sex[/url] nodded his agreement. Sometimes I think I am doomed to never be completely happy with another girl.
So would you? You knowÅ I thought I knew what he meant, but didnÒt say anything. If you could, Saji continued, would you be with her?
IÅIÅuh, hell, of course I would. As weird as thatÒs supposed to be, I would in a heartbeat. Just thinking about it got me hard. But dude, there is no way she would ever even think about it. She loves my dad way too much. That part was true. My parents acted like they were as in love as the day they met. My dad worked hard and that meant being on business trips a few days every month, going to some regional office or another and every time he came back I would be able to hear my parents making love from down the hallway. My mother was so loud every time she came. Believe me, that had provided more fodder for fantasy than a hundred pornos could. And anyway, she would probably hate me, think I am some disgusting little freak if she knew how I feel.
There was a glint in SajiÒs eyes now. What if I could do something to help you? If I could make your fantasy come true, would you do it then?
I had no idea what he was talking about. It was all academic, so I said, Sure.
Then this is your lucky day, friend. [url=]free incest hentai[/url] went on to tell me how back in India his family was well-regarded herbalists and medicine men and that when his father came to this country he brought much of his knowledge with him. Saji had been studying with his father for as far back as he could remember his father had been mixing up elixirs that healed the family far faster than western medicine had to offer. But what Saji had to help me was not a medicine, he said. It was something his father would not teach him and Saji had only been able to learn by sneaking into his fatherÒs journals. What was it? Now that Saji had teased me I had to know what he was talking about. There was a mixture of powdered herbs that when combined acted like a psychotropic agent. What the hell was that, I asked him. Saji smiled and simply said, Mind control.
YouÒre out of your mind. What, am I going to hypnotize my mother into sleeping with me? I snorted.
No, itÒs nothing as clumsy as you would see in a movie, Saji told me. This, he said, worked over time. Several weeks to a month, depending on how strong-willed the subject was. Well, I knew Mom was pretty strong-willed. The subject did not turn into a zombie and best of all they had no idea what was happening. As far as the subject was concerned all of their thoughts and feelings were coming from them.
So why are you offering me this ancient family secret? I asked. There had to be a catch.
Because youÒre the only person here whoÒs truly been a friend to me. And, obviously I expect you to tell me every detail.
I donÒt know why I made the show of struggling over my decision, but I did. After a few minutes of silence I told Saji, Okay, what do I have to do?
When Saji went home for Spring Break he mixed up some of the herbs. Of course he wouldnÒt tell me what was in the mixture he brought back, but he assured me that it wouldnÒt do anything to hurt my mother. He handed me a big ziplock baggie of something that looked like green tea, but ground up more finely, and some written instructions, along with a vial of an amber oil. Saji said it had a very slight, bitter taste, but depending on what I slipped it into she would never notice. The oil was the activator. It was to be used after the herbs had softened Mom up. Lucky for me Mom has a cup of tea every evening after dinner, Saji said that should work perfectly because it would probably start kicking in when she was ready for bed.

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Liema was gliding and sliding, about to finish her dance for the small crowd. The server came by and dropped a note on the table with Tonya's drink. "Meet me outside. I will drive." Signaling the server for her bill, she hastily paid her drink and went out to where [url=]free animations[/url] parked her flyer. Her blood hummed with excitement over the coming evening. Liema had been keeping plans for the party secret, teasing her with possibilities.
The dancer sauntered out the back door, her blue skin occasionally reflecting the lights of the parking lot. She greeted Tonya with a kiss; she opened the door of her mini flyer and let Tonya settle in. Liema drew a black, opaque scarf out of her body suit and turned towards Tonya.
"It is good that you are not scheduled to leave early in the next sun phase. I have a full night planned for you." Liema's eyes gleamed with mischief. "You promised you would trust me to make this a truly exhilarating experience, so I hope you don't mind the blind fold."
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