Monday, July 25, 2005

I Watched Football..

The "White Giants" were beaten yesterday by the "Purple Pygmies".

Final score; Real Madrid 0 - 3 Tokyo Verdy 1969.

This Tokyo based football club's name includes the number of goals they concede on average per season of J-league soccer.

Verdy's record going into this match was 26 goals conceded in 6 games.

They categorically trounced Real Madrid.

With Real's players burdened by the weight of their bloated wallets Tokyo Verdy took to the intiative, running rings around the superstars and scoring their first goal within six minutes of kickoff.

Weather contions were muggy, though not unusually hot. The final five minutes of the game saw the heavens open as a hurricane closed in on the Japanese mainland. Thunderous rain sheeted down, washing away the awkward tears of demolished Real players, reduced to sliding through the mud after loose balls in the attempt to gain a conciliatory goal.

They didn't get it.

In a post-match interview Real's star Vietnamese centre forward, Hardun Bai, said he was unhappy with the result. Dutch coach for the world championship winning Spanish team, Saur Graipes, refused to comment.

Tokyo Verdy 1969 now face a battle against relegation from the J-league. Their current standing is 17th. One place from bottom.

Meanwhile, Real return home to a humiliating welcome. Their posture reads defeat; hunched shoulders, timid eyes fitfully looking out - wary of the encroaching media storm, whip-tails dragging in the dust.


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