Friday, July 29, 2005

I Will Follow The Example Of The Ant...

Ants are just as intelligent as humans, if not moreso.

Idiot philosophers (humans) say that what sets us apart from the lower species is how we grasp the concept of time.

Excuse me but if time is such an understood part of our society why do people read romantic fiction. Or why do people go to amusement parks on the weekend when they know the queus are just terrible. Or why do politicians bother waiting for people to vote before deciding which one of 'em is going to tell us what to do.

Tell me, have you ever seen an ant waiting for hours in the sun while an ice-cream melts down it's shirt sleeve, all for the thrill of nausea?

Have you ever seen an ant entering a used books store, other than to ferry away biscuit crumbs fallen from the shopping bags of shuffling Aunts.

Have you ever seen an ant put on a shirt and tie, order wine, hold a door open, buy underwear, etc. etc.

No, because ants are efficient. When they have something to do they get it done and waste no time about it.

I will follow the example of the ant to get a woman to sleep with me!


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