Thursday, August 04, 2005

I Am A Meg Ryan Of Romantic Comedy..

Self-promotion is the twentieth century's answer to pheremones.

It's usually best to describe yourself before someone else does it for you. A naturalized Japanese friend has the name 'Bunka Chou'. Since a few weeks ago her colleagues at work started calling her 'Chewbaka'.

Being a quiet girl, Bunka's got few defences against the agressive branding strategies of her work mates. To prevent similar situations, here are a few name-brands I'm offering as self-mediators. Use at your own discretion.

A Hugh Heffner of naughtiness
A Bikini Atoll of explosive action
A Sub Sahara of tragic endings
An Aussie Drama of memorable episodes
A Mick Jagger of casual affairs
A George Micheal of toilet humour
A 1960s of great hairdos
A 1980s of great hair don'ts
A Lebanese Nightclub of smoke and mirrors
A Balinese Nightclub of smoke and mirrors
A Centre Court of cut and runs

I am a Meg Ryan of romantic comedy to get a woman to sleep with me!


At 4:46 PM, Anonymous Richard S. said...

Oh, and the last one is a Monica Seles reference.


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