Friday, August 05, 2005

I Am Yet To Pay Money..

In a local rag I read of a crackdown on the red light district of Skinjuku. The police were forced into action after complaints made by influencial residents of the notorious entertainment district. It was claimed the women crowding Skinjuku's streets and alleys were an eyesore, and firm steps needed to be taken so as to prevent the recent downturn in business.

The police moved in large numbers, taking upwards of 200 illegal workers into detention. Each arrestee faces almost certain deportation. Passing through Skinjuku yesterday just one month after the event, I could see the how successful the Police had been in their operation.

In my opinion, not one of the girls who propositioned me for 'anaru' looked a day over twenty-five.

I am yet to pay money to get a woman to sleep with me!


At 9:34 AM, Blogger Mynah Bird said...

I assume you are not including all those dinners and movies you have paid for. From what I've observed, it seems to be the possession of money as much as actually spending it that can make a man attactive to women. Maybe you need to work on how to give off the aroma of a rich man.

At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Richard S. said...

Your right. I actually tried that aftershave called 'cash' developed from the smell of dollar bills. It worked, in a way. I got lots of interest from American girls but otherwise there was no change. Quite a dissapointment.

At 7:36 AM, Anonymous Richard S. said...

Oh no wait. That was one of Mr Hutton's inventions.

Well anyway, as I like to say, it's a lie worth the anecdote.

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